Benefits to CNIB Clients

Our site redevelopment will ensure CNIB can focus our limited resources on delivering more services directly to people with sight loss in our community. This project allows CNIB to redeploy resources for a 50-year period that are currently invested into occupancy costs into additional programming for our sight loss community.

Centrally located and transit adjacent, Wascana Centre provides a safe space for clients who lose their sight to learn to navigate safely and independently, whether they are new to using a white cane or a guide dog.

The team at Brandt has consulted with CNIB on accessibility features in the building that will enhance independent navigation for an individual with sight loss.

In parallel to this project, we're also excited to play a part in helping transform Wascana Centre into Canada's most accessible park – so that people of all abilities can experience and enjoy this urban treasure. We have embarked on a project to program GPS coordinates into an app called BlindSquare that will allow an individual who is blind or partially sighted to navigate the park independently using this tool.

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